A wine democrat
from Andau.

The only simple thing about Hannes Reeh is his last name. By contrast, his character is multifaceted, his approach unconventional, and his wines complex.

Hannes Reeh is a winemaker with an attitude we can all be a little envious of, combining a laissez-faire approach with pure ambition. Hannes is an easygoing person who likes to get suck in and has a passion – of course – for good wine.

»I’m a wine democrat: I believe that wine can be enjoyed by everyone.«

»Drinking wine should be a passion –
not a science.«

Hannes Reeh also proves that you can recognise products by the winegrower, and vice versa. Our wine is no gentleman. It’s a convivial friend whose presence is always welcome in the group. It doesn’t want to be constantly discussed, analyzed, and scrutinized by experts. Our wine must be able to do one thing above all else: it’s got to taste good. Be good. And be easy to enjoy

Processing is kept as straightforward as possible, and striving for the best-possible result is something we integrate into every stage of the process – from the grape to the bottle. The Pannonian sun ensures that the grapes ripen quickly and produce healthy fruit. Once they have been harvested by hand, they are processed in our high-tech wine cellar, which went into operation in 2012.

The Reehs actively started producing wine in the 1980s – so Hannes was pretty much born into it. He obtained the qualifications for the wine-growing part of the operations as part of his training at the Klosterneuburg School of Viticulture and while staying with various notable vintners all over the world. In 2007, he took over the Andauer Weingut vineyard and produced his first vintage. Since then, his daily work is concerned with what he likes and does best: making good wine – now from vines covering an area of approximately 300 acres.